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Below are a few recommendations.
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"Scott and I worked closely together on many projects that included branding, logo creation, graphic design, formatting, and execution. He has the unique ability to take even the most tedious and rote information, like a quarterly financial report, and make it clear, concise, and visually appealing."


"Scott is a valued team player who brings his best to all projects, while being a source of encouragement to everyone involved. I appreciate Scott’s ability to bring creative and thoughtful artistry to his work, while understanding the real needs and deadlines necessary for each item."


"Scott has a knack for typography, color, and texture in his design. He knows how to bring brands, slogans, campaigns, and titles to life through his years of translating and interpreting concepts into visuals. Not only is Scott a prolific creative, he is also able to receive constructive feedback, implement changes into his work, and meet deadlines."


"Through his encouragement (a gift of Scott), I am learning more about design. Scott’s humble yet bold wisdom provides keen insights while inspiring/empowering me to continuously bring my own creativity to projects. It is a gift to be empowered."


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